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    Tell us about your vision for your special event!

    We are open to all forms of collaboration. Tell us about your vision for your special event at Oaza Leńcze and we will create a tailor-made event just for you. As passionate admirers of beauty and quality, we will take pleasure in guiding you through the process of preparation regardless of the type of event you have in mind.

    We have a rich and varied track record of different events which include small family parties such as birthdays, communions, wedding anniversaries, yoga workshops, flower arranging workshops and photoshoots.

    If you are planning a bigger event, such as a picnic, concert, large dinner party or company training, Oaza Leńcze offers countless possibilities. Our facilities can be arranged to suit any requirement. You could rent a part of the Granary, a part of the Manor House, the terrace and the meadows. Let’s talk about it, so that we can individually plan and price your idea. It is important to us to create the experience you desire, so we will pull out all the stops to make you and your guests feel very special here.

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